Most people don’t know him, yet his tribute to architecture is very known amongst his colleagues. Luis Barragan creates powerfull concepts, combining simplicity, design and functionality. The signature of  masterpieces is a pallete of live colours, giving a new dynamic on the spaces he designs. Take a closer look in colour harmony as well as … More

A nice idea for going out spins in your head for the last few days. Neither a typical coffee with friends nor a shopping expedition with your besties.

”Gold is cold” least so they say…is it totally true though?

Black is an all time classic elegance. Whether worn as a casual outfit or

  A simple and affordable outfit can be combined in an nice, casual and easy way. Relax

Athens is one of my favorite cities that i like to visit again and again. Wanna know why? It makes me feel like home, even on a short two day trip. This city is so vibrant that combines it’s historical, nostalgic past with the present. Whether you visit the eternal acropolis or you enjoy your cocktail … More

Some clothes are a complete time savior, especially when worn in the city. They