A nice idea for going out spins in your head for the last few days. Neither a typical coffee with friends nor a shopping expedition with your besties. Advertisements

”Gold is cold”..at least so they say…is it totally true though?

Black is an all time classic elegance. Whether worn as a casual outfit or

Athens is one of my favorite cities that i like to visit again and again. Wanna know why? It makes me feel like home, even on a short two day trip. This city is so vibrant that combines it’s historical, nostalgic past with the present. Whether you visit the eternal acropolis or you enjoy your cocktail … More

Some clothes are a complete time savior, especially when worn in the city. They

Last week the weather has at last started to feel like summer. I am wearing this lovely white short paired with a

Straw bags are an essential summer hit. Not only in the beach but also in the city, combined with